2012 Shows

October 2012
Atoms Eve (solo show) 
Copro Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

September 2012
Blab 2012 (group show)
Copro Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

July 2012
Crazy for Cult  (group show)
Gallery 1988
New York, NY

June 2012
Kingdom Animalia (group show)
Hi Fructose
Curated by Kirsten Anderson
Anaheim, CA 

April 2012
Herzensbrecher porcelein heart (group show)
Strychnin Gallery
Berlin, Germany

March 2012

Dark Pop 4.0 (group show)
Last Rites Gallery
New York, NY 


Past Exhibits

Over the last couple of years, Garro has been exhibiting on the fringes of the Pop- Surrealist movement, gaining momentum, attention and collectors.

Working in his fantastic mountaintop studio in the Catskills, Garro devotes 100 percent of his painting time making art "for walls", while making unique frames and restoring his house and property. The open space and beauty of his surroundings are a constant inspiration, and the extensive flower beds on the property are a welcome distraction from long hours behindthe easel.

Garro has also come full circle with his technique. After 20 years as almost exclusively an acrylic painter, he has gone back to his roots and has broken out the oil paints again to finish his paintings. “I love the immediacy and energy of working with acrylics, but I feel oils fit better with my present temperament. Maybe it’s the laid back pace of living in such a rural area.” Although it seems like the deep back-country, Garro is only 120 miles out of Manhattan, So getting a dose of City exhilaration is only a day trip away. 

October 2011
Apocalypservice (solo show)
Copro Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

September 2011
"The Afterlife " (pop-up group show)
curated by Jim D'Amato
New York, NY
January 2011
"Dark Pop 3.0" group show
New York, NY

The Blab! Show (invitational group show)
curated by Monte Beauchamp
Revolving around the theme of Krampus
Roq La Rue Gallery
Seattle, WA 

November 2010
"Psychopomp and Circumstance"
Copro Nason Gallery - Gallery Two
Santa Monica, California
Opening Reception - November 6th 

March 2010
"Wishful Thinking"
Bold Hype Gallery
Orlando, Florida

January 2010
"Under the Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" (group show)
Gallery 1988
Los Angeles, California

December 2009
"Saturnalia" (group show)
Copro Nason Gallery

Santa Monica, California

August 2009
"BlabShow! 2009 - Paintings from the Apocalypse " (group show)
Copro Nason Gallery
Santa Monica, California

July 2009
"Travis Louie's Monster?" (group show)
Copro Nason Gallery
Santa Monica, California

March - October 2008
"Brushes Needles and Burnouts" (group show)
Kustom Kulture Gallery
Baldwin, New York