Shows > Blues of the World

May 12, 2018
Copro Gallery
Santa Monica, California

"Blues of the World" marks my 7th solo show at Copro Gallery

"Garro's style can be described as Technical Fusion combining hyper realism and trompe l’oeil elements mixed with spontaneous and looser application of paint. Opposing themes are depicted through motifs of “above and below” featuring water, women, his recurring character," The Pupil" and other intriguing creatures "Blues of the world " is also a nod to his dedication to music and his saxophones. Garro’s studio at his Mountain-top home in the Catskills is transformed weekly with his band, "The Fogmen" featuring the music of the 90's Boston Band, Morphine. A mix of modern and traditional, Garro’s pieces offer a visual map of the human condition and portray apocalyptic vignettes sprinkled with a dash of hope.