Welcome to the World of artist Mark Garro.

 “Through technology and the machinations of modern society we have lost touch with our soul. Interpersonal searching and coming to grips with yin and yang will ultimately create a balance. Man, whose existential ability to reason, has confused and lost his path by relying on logic, when he only needs to refer to his heart and soul.

Garro’s work poses and answers a myriad of questions about Time, Evolution, Spiritualism and the Cosmos. He asks us not to just indulge his reality, but to also define our own. So treat your eyes, stimulate your mind, access your dream state and drink coffee at the same time. Welcome. Enjoy wandering through Garro’s alternate universe.

This website can only hint at the intensity of the originals. The only way to view these large works, un-cropped or without scrolling, is in person. Garro highly encourages those serious about his work to make an appointment to visit his studio or request transparencies.